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And I saw a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True… (Revelation 19:11)

The Fifth Horseman News – June 23, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury;

What lies before us is unlike anything mankind may have faced before (Mark 13:19,20). It would seem that all preceding horrors of history (name your favorite) were mere ‘previews of coming attractions’ by comparison, and that we stand at the prophetically fragile precipice of a near future so bleak, so painful, so incomprehensibly other than ‘the now’, that I labor for words to describe it. In short, whatever your nightmares may have told you ‘hell on earth’ would be like – get ready – because your dreams were Sunday school fare compared to what lies in store for those under the judgment of Almighty God. And just so we’re clear…that would be US.

Yes, the United States of America; biblically known as the “Babylon” of the book of Revelation.

This country’s destiny is set, our appointment sure. There is no salvation for the nation. But there most definitely is salvation for individuals – like you.

Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, the Prince of Peace, the Rider of the Fifth Horse of Revelation, is soon to arrive. His judgment will swift, sure, and righteous. His reign, by contrast, will be glorious, with the earth made into Eden once again (Revelation 21).

Will you be prepared? Will you be found justified in His sight?


Behold, A Pale Horse: Death,…and Hell Followed With Him (Revelation 6:8)

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Judgment Cometh In A Storm


download the large 10mb NASA satellite image of the Gulf oil slick surface here


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The Fifth Horseman News – June 16, 2010

Friends, Romans, countrymen:

Well, I believe this is it.

For sometime now The Powers That Be have been itching for that certain “thing” that could be used to do the “stuff” they’ve been salivating to do. Now, unfortunately, with this Gulf oil catastrophe, I believe they may have just stumbled upon it.

With the flow of news from the region not equaling the flow of crud from the well it’s extremely difficult to stay on top of the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. But here’s what we know: IT…IS…BAD. The present and future ramifications of this event are, just now, beginning to be comprehended. Famine, pestilence, mass evacuation, and a combination of all of the above, are just some of the mind-numbing scenarios we must now entertain. And, dare we say, prepare for.

Preparation of our here and now is one thing. Preparation for our eternal forwarding address is quite another. I’ve always found it absolutely faith-buildingly-amazing that simply reading and believing the Word of God (in this case the book of Revelation) tends to prepare one for the NOW, and the THEN. In fact, Revelation pronounces a blessing on both the readers and doers of the things written that letter.

So, are you ready? Are you prepared. The Four Horsemen have mounted up and are about to make their prophesied entrance. We here at The Fifth Horseman News believe the Gulf disaster proves this fact. An unprecedented event for unprecedented times.

But wait. What’s that I hear?

The Fifth and final Horseman, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ patiently awaits the time His entrance once again into Time. And it is HIM that we await and for whom we must truly be prepared.


Behold, A Pale Horse: Death,…and Hell Followed With Him (Revelation 6:8)


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